Kofile Technologies, Inc. provides a complete solution for records preservation and data management. By merging the strengths of leading companies, KOFILE surpasses industry standards with practical and scientifically-based products and resources. Whether paper or digital, volume or database, KOFILE operations provide superior solutions to common issues faced by records managers.

For historical and permanent records, our skilled conservators treat a range of media, and provide custom conservation, encapsulation, binding, and digitization services nationwide.

As the largest supplier of public record encasement binders in the United States, we hold patents on many revolutionary archival products.

For data capture, we ensure the survival of the Best Original Image for the application of current and future technologies. Our exclusive Image Locking maintains 100% document integrity and control. We also provide custom indexing services, and all indexing fields are keyed and blind re-keyed.

Our micrographics operations have proprietary access to the world’s foremost micrographics equipment and technology from Eastman Park Micrographics.

For clients struggling with outdated legacy systems, incompatible data, outdated media and systems, we can convert virtually any digital data or media storage format. This includes migrating information between incompatible computer systems, media types, file structures and software packages.

KOFILE’s corporate facility is located in Dallas, Texas. Operations facilities are located in Vermont, Nevada, Missouri, and North Carolina.



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